Moffett Field Memories

Since 1993, the Moffett Field Historical Society has been dedicated to preserving the rich heritage of Moffett Field. The organization’s popular museum, established in 1994, features engaging exhibitions with significant artifacts and fascinating images that highlight the airfield’s evolution, innovations, and missions. The society's dedicated board of directors and knowledgeable staff ensure that the contributions of those who served at Moffett Field are not forgotten. 

Moffett Field Memories is a digital initiative that documents and shares personal reflections about Moffett Field with the public. If you are a current or former member of the Moffett community, please email your story to info@moffettfieldmuseum.org, so that it can be included in the historical society's online resources.

An aerial view of Moffett Field, its adjacent wetlands, the San Francisco Bay and nearby landscapes, and the cities of Mountain View and Sunnyvale.
Aerial of NASA Ames Research Center and area (oblique - taken North West 8,000ft ASL), NASA, 1995. Courtesy NASA Ames Research Center Photograph Library Collection, photo no. AC95-0280-016
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